5 dreamy places where you can sleep under the stars

As the clocks get ready to ‘spring’ forward and the nights begin to warm up there’s no better time to start planning a weekend experience of sleeping under the stars. And we’re not talking about sleeping under a leaky canva, either — we’re talking full blown lux.

Because it turns out that sleeping in nature is not only an incredibly grounding experience but it's also good for your sleep health. A scientific study found that a couple of nights under the stars is the ideal antidote to our modern urban lifestyles of being constantly exposed to artificial light.

The study found that a couple of nights spent drifting off under the Milky Way or falling into a deep sleep to the dance of aurora borealis is restful, recharging and can help reset your circadian rhythm.

So, if you’re keen to head out for a weekend (or longer) celestial retreat we’ve done the research and found five of the best places for you to chill out and quite literally reset. All under a blanket of stars.

  • Kakslauttanen Arctic resort, Finland

Gorgeous in the winter when the resort is covered in a thick, deep snowfall yet just as heavenly through autumn and summer, Finland’s Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is the ultimate stop for a spot of stargazing. Choose to stay in one of the resort’s kelo-glass igloos (a combo of log cabin and igloo) or opt for a 180 degree view of the night sky and sleep in a fully-glass igloo. Either way, you’re sure to have a night time experience that’s out-of-this-world.

  • Soneva Jani, Maldives

It’s a little bit further afield so don’t be afraid to take more time off work (we know, what a shame…) but we promise you that a trip to Soneva Jani is well worth an extended visit. Situated in the Maldives, Soneva Jani is only reachable by boat, helicopter or seaplane and is made up of 24 villas, all placed on the water. These luxurious villas come with private pools, outdoor bathrooms, a water slide taking you straight into the surrounding lagoon and, the pièce de résistance, a retractable roof over the main bedroom. Perfect for nighttime star spotting over the water.

  • Finn Lough, Lough Erne, Co Fermanagh

A lot closer to home is the forest hideaway of Finn Loug, Enniskillen, Ireland. A 2.5 hour drive from Dublin takes you deep into the two-mile private woodland of the Finn Lough resort, where you’ll be surrounded by mountain lakes, forest and castle ruins. Choose from a catered suite, cottage, lodge or transparent bubble dome complete with heated floors, complimentary robes and slippers and a telescope to ensure you make the most of the sky view.

  • Bubble Hotel, Iceland

Aptly dubbed the 5 million star hotel for the starlit view it offers its guests, a stay in Iceland’s Buubble Hotel is offered as part of a series of guided tours. Choose from two-Icelandic locations, one in Reykjavik and the other further inland in Ölvisholt and dive into a 24-hour tour of geysers, national parks and secret lagoons before spending the night sleeping in a bubble surrounded by trees. And if you want to take your nature experience one-step further and combine a starlit view with a tree-top stay, opt for the ‘hanging bubble’ which comes with a large, comfy bed but not much else other than the warning that those who suffer from seasickness need not apply — it’s a bit swingy, apparently.

  • L’Albereta, Italy

At first glance the Cabriolet Suite at the L’Albereta Relais looks to be a normal, albeit luxurious, hotel room yet, at the touch of a button, the ceiling above the bed retracts and you’re treated to a night under the Milky Way — with the comfort of a four-poster bed and a hydro-massage tub close by. The gorgeous L’Albereta is situated in Lombardy just a few miles from Lake Iseo and surrounded by numerous vineyards, wineries and the kind of boutiques that only the Italians do so well.

Before you head off to spend a night, or two, on the astral plane make sure you’ve got everything you need to stay comfortable as you drift off. Our Silk Eye Mask is the perfect way to protect your peepers from an early morning blast of sunshine, and a spritz of Sleep Zen Pillow Spray will help calm the kind of busy mind that comes from sleeping in nature!

Sleep well.

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