Four luxury stays you deserve to see

Extend the free-spirited summer vibes another couple of weeks. Distract yourself from the impending change of season. Recoup from all of the good times with a luxury break. Whatever your reason for seeking out a late summer trip somewhere fabulous, we’re on board. Here are our top picks:

Nômade Tulum, Mexico

Four luxury stays you deserve to see

Part jungle camp, part beachside spa resort, part wellness retreat, Nômade Tulum will delight all of your senses. Stay in a luxurious safari tent surrounded by greenery, and match the moody tones with a Moonlight Shadow sleep mask. Take your mask to the Sunday evening sound healing to fully immerse yourself in the experience. And the self-care.

Why go now? Average September daily temperatures between 84 F and 88F guarantee idyllic beach downtime.

La Réserve, Paris

Four luxury stays you deserve to see

Is there any other way to do Paris, than with pure opulence and lots of silk? Match the silk-clad walls and catch a direct view of the Eiffel Tower as you raise your silk mask from your eyes in the morning. Could there be any other choice than La Vie En Rouge?

Why go now? With the summer’s tourist season on the wind-down, expect fewer queues and less restaurant disappointments.

San Domenico Palace, Taormina

Four luxury stays you deserve to see

A 14th-century convent transformed into a luxury hotel that’s glamorously perched above the Ionian Sea – this is where White Lotus Season Two was set, so a Dusty Gold sleep mask that matches the limestone cliffs below seems apt for playing the part and taking long naps on a whim.

Why go now? Enjoy a bit more breathing room as locals go back to the office and kids back to school.

Calile Hotel, Brisbane (Australia)

Four luxury stays you deserve to see

For those ready to extend summer right through the winter months… This on-trend hotel in the capital of Australia’s ‘Sunshine State’ is the place to be seen. Which is perfect for a poolside nap in a lush Damask Rose Pipe Dreams mask. Because if you’re there to be seen, you don’t need to be doing any looking.

Why go now? Not ready to give the summer up yet... there’s no better place than the southern hemisphere.

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