The best lighting for a sleepy scene

Lighting holds immense significance in our daily lives. Its ability to shape our brain activity, mood, and environment is profound. Both natural and artificial light sources impact our sleep quality, either enhancing or hindering it. Here, we offer three practical tips for achieving serene, inviting home lighting, along with a selection of our preferred lamps designed to improve sleep.

Tip 1: Choose warm white. 

We've all heard the advice about screen time: minimize exposure to blue light, activate night mode. This type of bright light can keep our brains alert and contribute to an overly clinical ambiance. For areas in your home where intense lighting isn't necessary—such as during meal preparation or personal grooming—we recommend utilizing warm white globes. These emit a soothing, relaxed hue, fostering a serene and cozy environment.

The best lighting for a sleepy scene

Tip 2: Turn off your downlights, turn on your lamps.

Illuminate your living space with bedside lamps, standing fixtures, and strategically positioned uplights behind furniture to create a captivating evening ambiance. Unlike harsh downlights, lamps provide a softer, more gentle glow that enhances your home's atmosphere. With their easy addition, lamps can make a substantial difference in the overall feel of your space.

The best lighting for a sleepy scene

Tip 3: Embrace the dimmers.

Harness the power of dimmable lights by simply installing the right globe and a dimmer switch. Transitioning gradually to softer lighting as night falls helps you ease into the calmness of evening and prepares your mind and body for a peaceful bedtime.

The best lighting for a sleepy scene

Our favourite lamps

Casper Glow Light – a simple, self-dimming bedside lamp

Casper’s Glow Light offers a simple yet effective solution for creating a serene bedtime ambiance. Emitting a comforting warm glow suitable for reading or engaging in nighttime rituals, this light automatically dims until it switches off completely. Its portability makes it convenient for guiding you through the darkness, and with its companion app, you can effortlessly schedule it to illuminate your mornings at just the right time.

The best lighting for a sleepy scene

Loftie Lamp – the designer choice backed by sleep science

Introducing the lamp that redefines ambiance with its sleek, contemporary design inspired by iconic shapes. Not only does this lamp elevate the aesthetics of any room, but it also boasts a sunset function that gradually dims the surroundings, creating a tranquil atmosphere. Experience different light moods inspired by sunset vistas worldwide, while the red light mode aids in melatonin production for a restful night's sleep. Come morning, awaken gently as the lamp mimics the sunrise by slowly illuminating from the bottom, signaling the start of a new day.

The best lighting for a sleepy scene

Phillips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake Up Light – the closest thing to sleeping like the sun

Renowned for its smart light innovations, Phillips introduces the SmartSleep Sleep and Wake Up Light—a sophisticated bedside companion designed to enhance your sleep routine. Featuring simulated sunset and sunrise settings tailored to your schedule, along with soothing soundscapes and light-guided breathwork programs, it offers a holistic approach to relaxation and restful sleep. While its appearance may not be the most glamorous, its unparalleled functionality and rave reviews make it a top choice for improving sleep quality.

The best lighting for a sleepy scene

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