How to get the summer glow while you sleep

Sleep, the marvel that it is, orchestrates a symphony of rejuvenation while we lay still in its embrace. As we drift into slumber, our minds sort through the day's events, our muscles unwind and repair, and our skin undergoes a transformative process, purging toxins and replenishing vitality. Hence, each dawn gifts us with a fresh luminosity and mental clarity. But how can one ensure the attainment of this revitalizing sleep? Explore the evidence-backed strategies below to embrace the radiance of restful nights:

Sleep on silk

Summer often leads to skin congestion and hair frizz. But a silk pillowcase (which we recommend all year ‘round) is especially helpful for keeping everything cool and calm overnight.

In the heat of summer, silk becomes your ally, whisking away excess oils from your face during sweaty nights. Its smooth surface glides effortlessly, preventing any friction that might cause frizz in your hair.

And the perks don't stop there! Silk's natural temperature-regulating qualities ensure a refreshing coolness, making every moment of rest feel like a lavish indulgence.

Keep it dark

Ensuring a restful night's sleep is crucial for overall health, including mental well-being, immune function, and maintaining healthy skin. The intrusion of early sunlight can disrupt this vital rest. Block-out blinds provide an effective remedy to safeguard your beauty sleep. Block-out blinds can help with that. But even better, a light-blocking sleep mask can help you block out all light sources (including a partner or housemate turning lights on before you’re ready), and lets you get quick access to morning light when it’s time – without having to get out of bed to open the blinds.

Build a ritual

Your bedtime is exclusively yours—a pinnacle of self-care. What better way to cherish this moment than by indulging in a pre-sleep ritual? Allow us to share our favorite recommendation:

Have a warm shower

Despite initial impressions, a warm shower efficiently reduces your core temperature, facilitating a quick transition into sleep mode.

Sniff some essential oils

Lavender, renowned for its ability to calm the nervous system, emerges as the ultimate ally for promoting deep and restful sleep.Our S.O.S. Pillow Spray features an array of sleep-inducing botanicals, including lavender. Want to take it a step further? Light a candle, too.

Give your face a hug, apply your skincare

Your skin craves care, especially during sleep, and your night-time serums, oils, and creams are eager to assist. In the summer, opt for lighter products tailored to your skin's needs. Gently applying them before bed offers a soothing embrace for your face.

Block out the world

Lastly, put your sleep mask on and say goodbye to the day. A fresh start awaits you in the morning.

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