Introducing Yoga’s (sleepy) little sister!

Drowsy has consistently advocated for the practice of yoga on a preferably daily basis as a superior method for nurturing both the body and the mind. The countless benefits of classic yoga are well-known, echoing the sentiment that even a small amount of physical exercise combined with mental serenity can immensely benefit one’s total wellness. Yet, we recognize the challenge of sustaining such disciplined routines isn't appealing to all. Now, imagine the buzz around a novel form of yoga that offers all the right benefits and can be done from the cozy confines of your bed!

Introducing Yoga Nidra

(See our Youtube Yoga Nidra audio hosted by The Yoga Flow)


Yoga Nidra, commonly referred to as yogic sleep, is an incredibly potent form of meditation, distinguished by its accessibility and the ease with which it can be consistently practiced. Before you dismiss it with, “Meditation just isn’t for me,” consider this approach. In the comfort of savasana (just yogi speak for lying down on your back), this meditation methodically navigates through your five self-layers, ensuring equilibrium across each to foster a state of complete unity, relaxation, and deep rest. Simply lie back, listen, and let the serene instructions guide you. Appealing, right?

Understanding and engaging with the five layers, or ‘koshas,’ are fundamental to maximizing the enriching experience of Yoga Nidra.

1/5 The Physical Layer:

The foremost layer, which is the most apparent, relates to the physical dimension of oneself, including every muscle, bone, tendon, and ligament. Disparities within this realm are readily noticeable through direct observation and tactile sensation. During Yoga Nidra, attention to this physical layer is facilitated by a method akin to a body scan, where meditative instructions lead you to sequentially ease different body sections. Through this practice, the physical entity gradually recedes from active perception, setting the stage to delve into the next layer...

2/5 The Energy Layer:

Within the framework of Yoga, breath acts as the conduit for energy distribution across the body. Meditation seeks to balance this aspect by encouraging a conscious awareness of your breath, focusing intently on the rhythm of your breathing in and out. This concentrated attention aims to dissolve any energy blockages, ensuring a seamless energy circulation. As the practice deepens, this layer transitions away, mirroring the dissipation of the physical layer.

3/5 The Mental / Emotional Layer:

Translated as the ‘mind body’, the third kosha encapsulates our emotional landscape. It's a critical layer that often goes unaddressed, with many concealing their emotions until they manifest physically, such as through anger, tears, or stress-induced headaches. Familiar scenarios? In the practice, you will be guided to recognize sensations of weight or buoyancy, or to reminisce about times of relaxation contrasted with tension. This process can be likened to an emotional deep tissue massage, revealing and alleviating emotional discomfort. Following attention to this layer, it too fades into our consciousness’s periphery…

4/5 The Higher Intelligence Layer:

The layer known as the 'wisdom body,' representing your intuition or instinctive reactions, is notably tough to engage with. Consider moments when you've delivered remarkably insightful comments on the spur of the moment, prompting the question, “Where did that insight originate?” These moments are manifestations of your wisdom body. In Yoga Nidra practices, this aspect is explored through visualization techniques or stories that place you in different contexts for self-observation.

5/5 The Bliss Layer:

Ultimately, the journey brings you to the most delicate layer, distinguished by its sheer simplicity — silence. This stage is celebrated by Yogis as an immersive plunge into a state of bliss and divinity. Characterized by a quiet pause following the meditation, this moment precedes a careful emergence from the state of meditation.

Our passion for sleep and its myriad facets compelled us to delve deeply into understanding its myriad benefits…


Indeed, the profound relaxation experienced alongside the recumbent posture in Yoga Nidra is celebrated for imparting a sense of refreshment comparable to an entire night's sleep! This practice engenders a depth of relaxation and peace distinct from traditional yoga or meditation techniques. Specifically, the processes involved in body scanning and breath consciousness are instrumental in tranquilizing the nervous system and diminishing stress levels. Given our unwavering commitment to improving your sleep experience, it was imperative for us to devise strategies for incorporating Yoga Nidra into your nightly rituals for the most restful sleep...

That’s why we’ve partnered up with award winning yoga teacher Jay from The Yoga Glow who has curated a bespoke Yoga Nidra practice for Drowsy entirely centred around getting you in the best space possible mentally and physically ahead of heading off to the land of nod. Allow Jay to lead you through this specialized meditation, paving the way for a superior sleep experience tonight!

See our Youtube Yoga Nidra audio hosted by The Yoga Flow.

Sweet (yogi) dreams.


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