Creating Your "To Be" List

In our quest for progress, we've been conditioned to prioritize the future and productivity above all else. We meticulously plan our days, equating time with money, and striving to maximize our efficiency. Productivity becomes our mantra, driving us toward our objectives and fostering a sense of organization in our lives.

Yet, amidst the hustle and bustle, there exists a noticeable imbalance between doing and being. Many of us have become mere human doings, neglecting the essence of our humanity. It's time to realign our priorities. Alongside your traditional to-do list, consider crafting a "to-be list." This list focuses not on tasks to be completed, but on the feelings and states of being you wish to embody throughout your day. Whether it's serenity, contentment, or mindfulness, infuse your actions with the qualities that resonate most deeply with your true self.

Incorporating patience into our daily routines holds significant value, acting as a catalyst to restore equilibrium in our lives. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the enhanced productivity and refined sense of prioritization that accompanies a deep understanding of the underlying emotions guiding your actions. Whether you commence this journey today or defer it to tomorrow, setting personal reminders becomes imperative, acknowledging the impossibility of maintaining unwavering presence at all times. If patience is your aspiration, consider programming periodic alerts on your phone or placing discreet reminders within your daily schedule. Patience.

This ethos encapsulates our endeavor, whether it involves completing tasks on our to-do lists or inscribing reminders on sticky notes. The essence lies in consistently returning to the present moment, reconnecting with the emotions we seek to embody, rather than striving for perpetual immersion.

Written and filmed by Melanie Whitney, for Drowsy Sleep Co. 2022

Instagram @melaniewhitney_


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