Sleeping through a Pandemic

As the world screeched to a standstill in March, many of us were left feeling like we were stuck in the apocalypse. Overnight we were made captive in our own homes, expected to adapt and disrupt our daily lives. Throw in a wave of redundancies across the nation, the shock of border closures, and a pinch of ‘reality check’ when even the Prime Minister was admitted into ICU - and you’ve got yourself a recipe for anxiety-induced mayhem. Not to mention the financial worry and stress of caring for children, parents and pets.

All this anxiety is only a contributing factor to bad sleep. If you already had sleep issues, they were probably heightened. If you didn’t have sleep problems, you may well do now.

Why is sleep so important during these times?

Getting good, regular sleep is the most important factor when it comes to keeping your immune system topped up. It’s obviously not the only thing that contributes, but by allowing your body to rest properly each night you’ll equip it with the right tools it needs to defend itself.

It will also help you to make better decisions, increase productivity and promote positivity, all of which could be helpful during these stressful times.

Our top tips for better sleep during a pandemic.

Avoid screen time in the evenings. We’re all in denial about it because it’s just so tempting. Blissfully habit-forming, instantly accessible. A daily cocktail of gloomy news articles and social media is enough to give anyone anxiety. Taking time out from your smartphone will help you de-stress and get to sleep faster.

Keep fresh sheets on the bed. It's probably the last thing you want to think about, but it will make you feel like royalty! As part of a good sleep-hygiene routine, keeping fresh sheets on the bed will make your room a more peaceful, cleaner place to sleep. If you're overheating at night, then switch your winter duvet out for a blanket to help you keep cool.

Use white noise - If you live in an urban area, you might be unaccustomed to the eerie quietness that nighttime brings these days. Using “white noise” to drown-out “no noise” might sound odd but it can be strangely comforting to muffle the dead of night; a bit like the background hum when you sleep on a flight. We recommend a small floor fan to get that chilled temperature, en-route-to-the-bahamas feeling every night.

Use a pillow spray - Adding a spritz of calm and tranquility to your bed linen will rub off... in a good way! The Drowsy Sleep S.O.S pillow spray is formulated with 7 sleep and relaxation-focused essential oils. It will help you drift off faster and sleep uninterrupted for longer. Get it delivered next-day with free delivery here.

Talk to us! We’re here to help, so if you’re suffering from insomnia, sleep loss or pandemic-induced stress right now, make yourself a sleep promise: Take the steps that will get you those Z’s back and supercharge your sleep every night of this crisis and beyond.

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