Three UK Destinations You Need To Visit This Summer

The (sometimes) great British summer has well and truly arrived and not even changing news on international travel is getting us down. Ok… perhaps a little bit but with all the uncertainty we thought it necessary to bring to your attention some incredible places to visit that all exist within the UK. We know, handy right?

Whether you’re planning on holidaying in the UK this year by choice or by design here are our top 3 destinations you need to experience. With the great weather we’ve been having if you close your eyes tight enough you could even be abroad, only minus the long queues and airport faffing…

DESTINATION 1 | Studland Bay, Dorset

If you’re mourning the loss of your beachside international break this summer, then THIS is the answer. Studland is a little-known gem on the south coast which has four miles of undisturbed, pristine golden sand beaches. Pick between Middle Beach, Knoll Beach or Shell Bay and select your space for UK paradise. For those who love a dip, all three are safe for swimming and other water activities and you can even paddle all the way out to a beautiful natural feature of the area – Old Harry Rocks.

The next logical question is where to stay? If you’re after a real treat nothing beats The Pig On The Beach hotel and restaurant. This really is a restaurant with (fabulous) rooms, and all ingredients are locally sourced. No really. The menu lists each ingredient and includes how many miles it’s travelled and as you can imagine the quality is exceptional.

The downside? Prior booking is essential as both rooms and tables tend to be booked up well in advance. That being said, keep regularly checking the website or calling up the old-fashioned way – you might just get lucky with a cheeky last-minute cancellation!

DESTINATION 2 | Loch Torridon, Scottish Highlands

For those seeking a little more nature this one is for you. The highlands of Scotland offer some of the most spectacular vistas throughout the whole of the UK and you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s worth the travelling time. Lock Torridon is no exception, providing idyllic mirror like water reflections and more specialist whisky sellers than you can shake a stick at. If you’re looking for more of a ‘multi-stop’ break, one of the many highlights of this part of Scotland is the North Coast 500 that starts and ends at Inverness Castle. It’s a 516-mile-long touring route that takes in all the stunning coastal scenery that the Scottish landscape has to offer. Think of it as the UK equivalent of America’s Route 66 if you will…

If you’re concerned about the weather – don’t be! Contrary to popular belief, Scotland doesn’t always rain and even if it did you may almost welcome it as you sit in the sumptuous surroundings of the five-star Torridon Resort. After all, we do love all things luxury here at Drowsy! As you wind through the scenic Scottish Highlands this highland shooting lodge built in 1887 is set in over 50 acres of stunning parkland. It truly is escapism at its very finest.

DESTINATION 3 | Seaview, Isle Of Wight

Whilst many flock to the Isle of Wight each year (and with good reason!) many aren’t aware of this little gem of a village just along the coast from Cowes and Ryde. It offers all of the eateries, views, and water-based activities of the tourist hot spots only with less of the crowds and a slightly more refined feel. Sailing and water sports reign supreme here but if you’re more comfortable on land there are extensive coastal walks on your doorstep. Think panoramic sea views and incredible sandy beaches. You may well find yourself wandering into one of Seaview’s many boutique shops and we wouldn’t blame you!

Where to stay we hear you cry? Air bnb or private rentals are the name of the game, and you have a huge range of holiday cottages to choose from. Check out Classic Cottages to be in the know…


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