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The silk sleep mask Trinny Woodall can’t go to bed without

For those of us who have particular needs at bedtime, wearing an eye mask is an absolute must. A mask helps to block out any light when the room’s not pitch black and also feels comforting and sleep-inducing on the whole. But finding a mask that’s soft and comfortable enough can be tough, particularly if you’re fussy when it comes to materials and straps.

However, Trinny Woodall thinks she’s found ‘The One’ in the form of Drowsy’s Mulberry Silk Eye Mask. Sharing her bedtime must-haves on Instagram, the beauty brand owner explained that when she’s previously tried eye masks, she’s found them to leave marks along the side of her face. However, with Drowsy’s design, that all changed.

‘Someone sent me this and I love it!’ she said of the Drowsy sleep mask. ‘You put it on and you just have nowhere where you’re gonna get marks around your face, I just have a phenomenal night’s sleep!’

The mask in question has reached sell-out status several times, and at one time had over 2,000 people on its waiting list. It therefore comes as no surprise that Trinny is not the only fan of the product. Mollie King, Jodie Kidd and Vogue Williams are all fans, with Vogue once saying: ‘This sleep mask is like someone is hugging your face, I cannot describe how amazing it is.’

Beloved for its super soft silk fabric, comfortable fit and adjustable velcro straps, Drowsy’s mask comes in several colours such as navy blue, gold and a gorgeous rose hue. Each mask is £49.95, making it a bit of an investment, but one that you certainly won’t mind making due to its quality and aesthetic appeal – plus the fact you’ll likely have your best sleep ever.


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