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We’ve selected a few of our best selling sleep accessories for that special someone in your life, adding some much needed luxury and a touch of self-indulgence to her bedtime routine. Move out the way! Utterly glorious, uninterrupted sleep incoming!

Ready to shake things up in the bedroom this year? Well as Will Smith once famously said - “Let’s get’ Hyyge with it” (or something like that).

Here are our top sellers for women - 100% tried and tested, and they make the perfect gifts.

1. Damask Rose Mulberry Silk Eye Mask. £59.95

Does size really matter? When it comes to eye masks - yes! We’ve used over 2 meters of the finest Mulberry silk to sew this bad boy together. It wraps around your head with a fully adjustable head strap and is filled with cloud-like padding - as Vogue Willams said... “it’s a hug for your face.”

Say goodbye to unwanted baggage. Our eye masks are hypoallergenic and moisture retaining - so she will wake up with rejuvenated, dewy skin under her eyes every morning! Shop here.

2. Sleep ZEN. £21.95

sleep zen pillow spray anxiety mood relax

The bedtime Zen Guru is the ultimate antidote to stressed out busy minds.

Formulated with premium 100% natural relaxation oils. Let her create the ultimate bedtime wind-down ritual. She won’t know she needs it...until she’s tried it. Candle lit, low level jazz, Drowsy on the pillow and ready for beauty sleep!

We highly suggest you take our tip off on this one. It’s a guaranteed mood maker. Shop here.

3. The Sleep S.O.S Essential Oil blend. £16.85

essential oil dropper diffuser relax lavender

Small but mighty, our 10ml essential oil is the unsung hero of the diffuser world.

There’s just something about that aroma… that keeps them coming back for more.

Scent to sleep by earth’s 100% natural & botanical plant extracts. There’s nothing else that goes into this Drowsy blend except 7 of the finest, unadulterated, pure essential oils. Expect to pick up Lavender, Cedarwood, Vetiver and Geranium but to name a few.

Can be used in an electric diffuser or an oil burner. Our Sleep S.O.S essential oil is ready to be shipped out to you today and could be filling her boudoir with sleepy vibes in no time. Shop here.

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