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We’ve selected a few of our best selling sleep accessories for guys, guaranteed to add some much needed luxury and a touch of self-indulgence to their bedtime routine. This will set them up with utterly glorious uninterrupted sleep.

Old habits die hard as they say - and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to sleep. It’s 2021 and its time to shake things up in the bedroom.

Here are our top sellers for guys - 100% tried and tested, and they make the perfect gifts.

1. Black Jade Mulberry Silk Eye Mask. £59.95

Our Black Jade silk eye mask is suave and sophisticated. It’s the James Bond of design, and the Jason Bourne of efficiency. It’s 100% blackout and sound muffling, made from the highest quality Mulberry silk, and fits all sized heads with a fully adjustable head strap. Shop here.

2. Sleep S.O.S Pillow spray. £21.95
sos spray glasses work pillow spray laptop work

There’s no arguing with our best-seller.

It’s our award winning pillow spray with notes of cedarwood and bergamot. Make pillows great again! It’s our Deep Sleep Hero - the Sleep S.O.S. Shop here.

3. Midnight Blue Mulberry Silk Eye Mask. £59.95
midnight blue eye mask silk mulberry drowsy

Out with the old and in with the blue.

Our Midnight Blue eye mask is the Drowsy Sleep Co. original. It's where it all began and to this day remains our best seller for guys!

Feeling blue never felt so good! When his head hits the pillow with this number on, there's only one outcome… zzz.

Made with the finest 22 Momme Mulberry silk, every gentleman should have one of these on his bedside table. Whether he's jet-setter or a go-getter, this mask is designed to be with him wherever he goes. Complete with a drawstring carry pouch perfect for travel or home. Shop here.

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