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Echoing the wise words of Ru Paul, "If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?" Ever thought about sending a postcard to yourself? While it may seem a bit much, there’s absolutely no reason to shy away from self-love gestures this year. Remember, life is brief, and you call the shots!

A small act of kindness towards yourself, from yourself.

Therefore, we've curated a list of the best self-love gifts focused on enhancing sleep quality that we believe you'll absolutely adore!

Treating yourself has never felt this rewarding, especially when it guarantees eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every single night.

And if there's any curiosity about your purchases, consider it not just buying, but investing in your happiness and health.

1. Damask Rose Mulberry Silk Eye Mask. £59.95

Ah, sometimes the relief of not having to make a decision is just what the doctor ordered. Fear not; we've stepped in to decide for you. We've sourced the most luxurious, silky, smooth, and soft Mulberry Silk – all in an elegant yet trendy Damask Rose Pink.

If being a millionaire isn't in the cards, living as though you are is the next best thing, right? With 100% blackout features, these pillows are oversized, squishy, and as heavenly as a cloud. The hunt for perfect sleep is finally over. Step into the VIP sleep zone.

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2. Sleep S.O.S Pillow Spray. £21.95

While humility is valuable, we simply can't keep quiet about the marvels of our product. This is largely because it was an 11-month labor of love to perfect, and the outcomes have astounded us! And, just in case we haven't already shared, it's an award-winning innovation!

Introducing The Deep Sleep Hero – a 50ml concoction of bliss. Designed for durability, both in scent and volume, this petite powerhouse promises six months of restorative sleep. It's expertly blended with seven distinct botanical oils, entirely natural, and dedicated to enhancing sleep. Shop here.

3. Sleep ZEN Pillow Spray. £21.95

Introducing the ultimate Zen Master of pillow sprays. Have you ever been curious about Myrrh? This extraordinary oil's medicinal properties have been recognized for millennia. Historically valued above gold, Myrrh's worth is derived from its remarkable ability to foster a state of complete zen and alleviate anxiety. Truly a treasure!

We've meticulously combined it with the perfect measure of Lavender oil to craft what might just be the most tranquil scent known to humankind. A 50ml bottle of enchanting serenity awaits you. Shop here.

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