The Ultimate Pillow Selection Guidebook

The solution to achieving restful sleep might be closer than you think - it's right under your head! If you're considering an enhancement to your sleep experience, your pillow should be the first item on your list. This investment is more than just a purchase; it's a commitment to improving your sleep quality by selecting a pillow that offers optimal support.

Individuals facing challenges like sleep apnea, acid reflux, or discomfort in the neck and back have even more reason to prioritize finding a high-quality pillow!

What Kind of Sleeper are you?

Beginning your quest for improved sleep efficiency starts with identifying your preferred sleep position: Do you enjoy sprawling out unrestricted or coiling into a "fetal" stance? Whether you're one to occupy the entire bed or simply lie back and contemplate the cosmos, it's pivotal to select a pillow that complements your natural sleeping posture. Side sleepers, in particular, should look for pillows that prevent their head from dipping too low, potentially straining the neck. A slender pillow placed between the knees might also enhance spinal alignment for side sleepers, offering superior comfort.

Back sleepers should steer clear of overly thick pillows to avoid spinal misalignment and opt for thinner alternatives that maintain a closer alignment with the mattress. Likewise, those who prefer to "starfish" or sleep on their stomach might benefit from eliminating the pillow or choosing a very minimal one for slight support.

When evaluating pillow fill options, comfort is key. While down is typically associated with plushness, those with allergies should search for non-allergenic solutions. Acquiring 2 - 3 pillows made from different materials, such as combining memory foam with down, can significantly improve sleep comfort. This approach also provides the flexibility to experiment with different pillow configurations to suit varying comfort preferences.

How much should I spend?

Our advice is to consider pillows with a price point exceeding £100. Though price isn't the sole indicator of excellence, it often correlates with the quality and durability of sleep products, helping you to narrow down the field to premium selections.

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