Our top sleep tools for tracking your sleep

As you prioritize sleep with masks and rituals, it's natural to wonder: Is it working? Our handpicked collection of tools and trackers is here to provide answers, offering invaluable glimpses into your nocturnal activities. Explore the nuances of your sleep cycle and receive tailored tips for further optimization, ensuring every night's rest is truly rejuvenating.

Wearables for accuracy

Our top sleep tools for tracking your sleepOura ring

Introducing the Oura ring, the ultimate tool for monitoring your sleep with precision and ease. Nestled discreetly on your finger, this compact device accurately tracks vital sleep metrics, including heart rate, blood oxygen, stress levels, and activity. Wake up to personalized sleep reports each morning, offering valuable insights into your sleep duration, phases, efficiency, and heart rate recovery. With its unobtrusive design, the Oura ring ensures uninterrupted rest, unlike cumbersome watch-based alternatives.

Our top sleep tools for tracking your sleepWhoop

Experience the next level of health monitoring with Whoop, your dedicated partner in your wellness journey. With its comprehensive analysis and user-friendly approach, Whoop serves as your supportive coach, guiding you towards optimal health outcomes. By monitoring sleep stages, assessing recovery, and addressing sleep debt, Whoop keeps you accountable and motivated. Embrace its wrist-worn convenience and notification-free design, allowing you to prioritize your well-being without interruption.

Apps that turn your phone into a sleep tracker

Our top sleep tools for tracking your sleep


Embark on a journey to better sleep with SleepWatch, the premier app for optimizing your nightly rest. Utilizing advanced sonar technology, SleepWatch listens to your breathing and movement, offering precise tracking of your sleep stages throughout the night. From identifying disturbances like snoring to providing actionable insights and smart alarms, SleepWatch empowers you to unlock the secrets of quality sleep. With its intuitive interface and customizable features, including activity notes and trend analysis, SleepWatch enables you to make informed decisions and prioritize your sleep like never before.

Our top sleep tools for tracking your sleep


Discover a new dimension of sleep improvement with Sleep Companion Plus, the comprehensive app designed to revolutionize your sleep experience. Whether on your iPhone or Apple Watch, it utilizes advanced technology to track movement, breathing, and heart rate, providing detailed insights into your sleep stages and overall sleep quality. With smart alarms optimized to wake you gently, Sleep Companion Plus ensures a refreshing start to your day. What truly sets it apart is its expansive collection of meditations, stories, soundscapes, and soothing tunes, meticulously curated to promote restorative sleep. And the best part? It's completely free, making it accessible to all who seek better sleep.

Sleep tracking as a pen and paper ritual

Our top sleep tools for tracking your sleep

Sleep: A Day and Night Reflection Journal

Introducing the Insight Editions Sleep Journal, a thoughtful companion designed to enrich your sleep journey with mindfulness and intentionality. This journal encourages a morning and evening practice, inviting you to cultivate a self-care ritual around your sleep tracking. In the morning, reflect on your sleep quality and how you feel upon waking, fostering a deeper awareness of your sleep patterns. In the evening, set sleep goals and intentions while winding down, ensuring a restful night ahead. Embrace a more intentional approach to logging your sleep habits with Insight Editions Sleep Journal—it's about mindfulness, not just data.

A program for those who struggle to sleep

Our top sleep tools for tracking your sleep

Stellar Sleep

Take control of your sleep with SleepBetter, a groundbreaking app offering behavioral therapy to combat insomnia. Utilizing a personalized approach, SleepBetter's algorithm crafts a curriculum of lessons, guided listenings, and journal prompts based on your unique profile. Developed in collaboration with sleep experts and validated by Harvard Medical School researchers, SleepBetter is your trusted partner in achieving restful nights. If you're struggling with sleep, give SleepBetter a chance to help you overcome insomnia and enjoy improved sleep duration and quality.

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