Unlock your best year yet: our top 5 resolutions

While positive transformations and habit shifts are possible year-round, there's a unique significance to this juncture as we contemplate the past and envision the future. What aspects of 2023 do you wish to bid farewell, and what do you aim to retain? Furthermore, what novel pursuits can you embark upon to foster greater happiness and well-being? Research underscores that resolutions emphasizing additions to one's life yield greater efficacy than those fixated on subtractions. So, instead of telling yourself to banish the snooze button, perhaps try introducing a new sleep ritual or earlier bedtime instead?

Here, we list our top five resolutions for a happy, healthy year ahead. Followed by some tips for making them stick.

+ Build a good sleep habit

Scientific consensus emphasizes the critical need for humans to secure 7–9 hours of sleep nightly to support both cognitive and physical well-being. As you aspire towards good health this year, sleep serves as the cornerstone. Aiming to establish a regular bedtime routine is an effective means of prioritizing sleep and promoting overall wellness. Take actionable steps towards this goal, like setting a nightly bedtime reminder and embracing a calming ritual such as a warm shower or bedtime meditation; and upgrading your sleep setup with a silk sleep mask. Want to go all in? Discover our sleep ritual here.

+ Create a gratitude practice

Engaging in gratitude exercises is proven to enhance mental wellness and overall happiness. Simply identify three things you're grateful for—be it people, pets, possessions, conversations, memories, or moments—and either write them down or express them aloud each morning. Carry this positive energy with you throughout the day. To jumpstart this practice, consider utilizing the 5 Minute Journal app and its guided prompts. We especially appreciate the question, "What would make today great?" as it provides a concrete framework for crafting daily greatness in unique and meaningful ways.

+ Add something that brings you joy into every day

Following your gratitude routine, make it a point to prioritize (at least) one act of self-care each day. This could entail something as small as catching the golden hour during your dog walk, varying your route to work weekly, experimenting with a new breakfast dish every Sunday, or reserving 10 minutes each morning to enjoy your coffee in solitude in your cherished chair. Begin by compiling a list of options and involve your friends to infuse shared experiences into the mix.

+ Introduce breathwork

Breath is the essence of life – an irrefutable reality. Despite its constant presence, we often overlook its significance, breathing without conscious awareness. Yet, engaging in conscious breathwork yields myriad benefits: from grounding oneself in the body to calming the mind and enriching breath capacity. It can awaken your senses, induce relaxation, alleviate stress, unlock emotions, enhance circulation, and liberate your thoughts. While these assertions may seem lofty, we challenge you to explore and witness the transformative potential of conscious breathing. Start with a sleep practice by breathwork expert Anna Sillanpää. And then check out the work of Wim Hoff for something more active.

+ Cultivate healthier skin

As we emerge from the winter season, our skin may feel lackluster or dehydrated. Let this year be the year of your skin's transformation by embracing a comprehensive skincare routine and fundamental pillars of skin health: hydration and sleep. Set achievable goals, such as tracking your water intake to ensure you're meeting the recommended two litres per day, and switching to a silk pillowcase. Experience the wonders of silk during your beauty sleep, as it keeps your skin smooth, free of creases, and effectively absorbs oils while preserving the efficacy of your skincare products. Wake up to rejuvenated, hydrated skin with silk's indulgent touch.

Unlock your best year yet: our top 5 resolutions

Tips for making them stick…

Set goals

Set out some actionable first steps – the idea is to make progress, no matter how small or simple, in order to build momentum and give you some reward as you go.

Be realistic

In the realm of resolutions, lasting change stems from small, attainable adjustments rather than lofty goals that fizzle out. Opt for resolutions that feel feasible and sustainable, for it is consistency that transforms effort into habit. Choose commitments you can maintain over time, as they hold the power to foster meaningful and enduring change.

Tell someone

Encouraging verbalizing your goals and sharing them with others can provide the extra push needed to stay committed. Consistent updates with your support network ensure you remain on track and responsible for your journey forward.

Celebrate the wins – even the small ones

Don't hesitate to commend yourself and revel in your accomplishments. Take pride in overcoming challenges and implementing positive changes. By celebrating your triumphs and recognizing your journey, you infuse greater significance into your efforts, fostering a natural hunger for further achievements and advancement.

Schedule an end-of-year reflection

Admittedly, envisioning the end of 2024 might feel premature at this stage. However, scheduling a time to review your resolutions and acknowledge the positive changes they've brought can offer a tangible target—a sort of finish line to aim for, even if you choose to maintain your new habits well beyond that point.

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