The Secret to Good Sleep in 3 Steps!

The Secret to Good Sleep in 3 Steps!

Slumber, a realm of dual extremes, is revered and dreaded based on its availability!

We understand, the weight of existence begins to bear down on you. Issues at home, tension at the office, and lingering anxieties. Numerous factors amalgamate, pushing restful sleep further away from your grasp. It turns into a relentless cycle; diminished sleep deepens the crisis, elevating the anxiety surrounding it, further embedding it as a persistent concern in your life, hence propelling a downward spiral.

So you want to get back to the good old days?

In a place where rest unfolds with ease, free from the grip of stress. The solution rests in establishing a life oriented towards enhancing sleep. Adopting beneficial habits and routines daily that foster natural sleep every evening.


Sleep in 3 steps:


Chances are, you're already aware of the major disruptors - caffeine, alcohol, and screens emitting blue light. Removing these from your daily habits can lead to a DRAMATIC shift.

To begin, make a concerted effort to cut out anything that may be affecting your sleep adversely. The challenge is in being stringent with yourself and maintaining the new habits you set.



Once you’ve begun to cut out all of the things that are disrupting your sleep. It’s time to start introducing new things to your sleep focused life that will BOOST your sleep patterns:

  • Exercising regularly in the evenings will help to tire you out.
  • Eating light meals early in the evening will stop your digestive system overworking when you need to rest.
  • Drinking wellness teas, like chamomile or valerian instead of drinking alcohol will help to calm you down.
  • Practicing destress activities like yoga and meditation are perfect for a full body and soul reset.
  • Natural sleep aids, like aromatherapy based products help to calm your mind and induce sleep without the need for sleeping pills.

It’s key to UPGRADE your sleep game with anything that will help make you feel more relaxed and enjoy your sleep instead of stress about it.


The PRIMARY guideline for attaining quality sleep revolves around a committed bedtime ritual:

At the heart of this ritual is setting and strictly following a specific sleeping and waking time daily. This routine is essential to recalibrate your body's sleep cycle to its natural rhythm.

Incorporating a tranquil evening routine is crucial for this sleep schedule. Our regimen involves:

  • Initiating relaxation with a warm bath to ease tension.
  • Journaling our day's stresses, ensuring they're not brought into the bedroom.
  • Drinking a soothing tea and dedicating 15-20 minutes to meditation for mental decompression.
  • Finalizing the ritual with a couple of spritzes of the Drowsy sleep spray, whose distinctive aroma induces a state of drowsiness and serenity, facilitating effortless sleep.

    So what did you think? Like the look of our three steps? Are you ready to start implementing these changes to your life and dedicating yourself to a sleep focused lifestyle? We hope so!

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