The Secret to Good Sleep in 3 Steps!

The Secret to Good Sleep in 3 Steps!

Sleep. It’s the best of things and it’s the worst of things. Depending on whether or not you get it of course!

We get it, life starts piling up on you. Family issues, work stress, anxiety. All sorts of factors build up and before you know it sleep starts escaping you. It’s a vicious circle as well, because the less you sleep, the worse it gets, the more you stress about it, the more it becomes a thing in your life and so things spiral out of control.

So you want to get back to the good old days?

Where sleeping comes naturally and you don’t stress about it. The key lies in building a sleep focused lifestyle. Building good habits and practices into your daily life that help you sleep naturally every day.

Sleep in 3 steps:


Identify all of the things in your life that are interfering with your sleep:

You’ve probably heard about the big culprits before - caffeine, alcohol, blue light screens. But, actually cutting these out of your life can make a HUGE difference.

As a basic starting point begin to actively cut out anything that you know could be interfering with your sleep. The key is in being strict with yourself and sticking to your new habits.


Once you’ve begun to cut out all of the things that are disrupting your sleep. It’s time to start introducing new things to your sleep focused life that will BOOST your sleep patterns:

  • Exercising regularly in the evenings will help to tire you out.
  • Eating light meals early in the evening will stop your digestive system overworking when you need to rest.
  • Drinking wellness teas, like chamomile or valerian instead of drinking alcohol will help to calm you down.
  • Practicing destress activities like yoga and meditation are perfect for a full body and soul reset.
  • Natural sleep aids, like aromatherapy based products help to calm your mind and induce sleep without the need for sleeping pills.

It’s key to UPGRADE your sleep game with anything that will help make you feel more relaxed and enjoy your sleep instead of stress about it.


The GOLDEN rule to achieving good sleep is to have a sleeping ritual that you stick to religiously:

The first and most important part of this is having a very strict bedtime and wake up time. Every single day you must follow the same bedtime so that you can train your body to get back into a normal sleep cycle.

As part of your new regular bedtime, we LOVE to create a wind down sleeping ritual that prepares us for bed and sleep.

  • We begin with a hot shower to destress.
  • Then we write down our concerns and worries of the day in a journal so that once we sleep, we don’t carry all of it to bed with us.
  • After that we have a calming tea and enjoy 15-20 minutes of meditation to help switch off.
  • We wrap things up with a few sprays of the Drowsy sleep spray, which works like magic and does the rest of the work for you. It’s signature scent stimulates receptors in your brain that trigger feelings of sleepiness, inner calm and tranquility. Works like a dream!!

So what did you think? Like the look of our three steps? Are you ready to start implementing these changes to your life and dedicating yourself to a sleep focused lifestyle? We hope so!

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